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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!

Sure, you’ve probably heard it before, but what does it really mean? It’s easier to spend money than it is to save money. When you’re young, it’s not always easy to come by money, and when you get it, things can be expensive. So what can you do? Here are some good savings tips that might help when you need it the most:


  • Think ahead – Do you get an allowance? Get money from birthday cards? You might be tempted to spend it on the first fun thing that you see, but wait and think about it. If you save some, you’ll have more when something really great comes along.

  • Keep it safe – It can be easy to lose track of what you have, so it’s a good idea to get in the habit of keeping your money in one safe place. Did you know that you can open a saving account at a credit union with your parents?

  • Set goals – Make a plan and set some goals for earning and saving. A big task can seem a lot easier if you break it into smaller parts.

  • Sleep on it – Think you’ve finally found the right thing and you’re ready to spend? Sleep on it for a day or two. Sometimes we buy on impulse (that’s why they put all that candy next to the cash register!). If you still really want it a few days later, then you’ll know it’s for real.

  • Earn it – Found the right thing, but still can’t afford it? Instead of asking parents for money, ask for a way to EARN some money. They’ll be much more likely to say yes to that!


Learning how to take care of your money is a lesson that can help for the rest of your life. If you start setting good saving habits at an early age, you’ll be much more likely to have good habits as you grow older, and you’ll be able to have more of the things you need and want. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!


After all that hard work earning and saving, you deserve to relax with a tasty snack.
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