Gold coins of $1, $2.50 ("Quarter Eagle"), $3, $5 ("Half Eagle"), $10 ("Eagle"), and $20 ("Double Eagle") were used from 1795 until 1933.

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Do you study outside of school?
Is there anything else to do outside of school?
I do, but just the topics my teachers assign.
My friends all know how much I like to be fashionably late.


What Does “Keeping Your Word” Mean?

Do you know what it means to “keep your word”? When you tell someone that you’re going to do something, you make sure to do it. Otherwise, you may make your friends, teachers and family upset. People don’t like it when you don’t do what you say you will.

When you always do what you say you will, people will like you more. These are the reasons why.   

They feel they can trust you. When you stick to your word about doing something, it makes the words you said true. If people are used to hearing you say true things about what you’ll do, they’ll believe you when you talk about things you have seen or know.

They know you’ll keep to agreements. People will be more likely to ask for your help if they know you’ll do the job.

You’ll be confident. When you always do the things you say you will, you learn to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, it shows in your body language, and people admire it.

You’ll get a good reputation. When people hear good things about you from others, and then the things you do show that the others were right, people really remember you for it. They’ll be sure to tell even more people how good you are!

Get in the habit of keeping your word now, and it’ll be easy when you’re older!

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